BIP Star 💥 Amalie Jørgensen

Amalie second from the right in Tchalou 2021-22

Amalie Jørgensen är vår nästa ”BIP Star” att intervjuas. Amalie är dock en dansk landslagsspelare som just nu spelar i Belgien. Intervjun är på engelska!

Who is Amalie Jørgensen?
– I’m a middle blocker from Denmark and I’m 21 years old

Why did you choose to play for Tchalou in Belgium?
– I chose Tchalou because the whole practice environment is really professional and the goals matched my own

You have also just re-signed for another year in Tchalou (congrats), what were your thoughts here?
– Thank you! Yes, I chose to stay next season because I have ambitions for the team and myself. I’m improving so much here and with one more season I’m confident to be ready for a higher league, potentially France

What is your background in Volleyball?
– I played in my hometown, Odense, most of my teenage years. I have been on the youth national team multiple times and also the Senior national team twice. I played college D1 volleyball at MTSU for one and a half years and finally decided to try going pro in Europe in 2021

How did you get in contact with your current agent?
– National team coach, Sven-Erik Borch Lauridsen, put me in contact with Tony Westman and BIP

You have now been in Belgium a half season. What are your experience and thoughts about Belgium as country? 
I Like Belgium as a country a lot. There are so many historical and beautiful cities to explore on off days. Also a lot of good food and sweets!

And what are your thoughts about the Belgium League?
– The Belgium league is pretty high level, definitely a big step for me coming from Denmark and USA. I think this league is really good tactically

Are there any specific things or that you are missing from Denmark?
– My family, friends and dog

What is the best with Belgium?
– The waffles!

Just kidding, they are really good but the best is the cool cities

And of course, what is the best with your club and city?
The best thing about my club is that it’s one big family. Our practices are always creative, intense and high level. I feel like I get better every single day. There is not much to see in my city, but the nature in this part of Belgium (wallonia) is super beautiful

What are your goals with your volleyball?
– Fulfill my potential, become the best possible volleyball player that I can. I am dreaming about playing in a good club in France and see where it takes me from there

You played with the Danish National Team last season. What did you learn from last summer and what are the things you are working on to improve?
– I worked on taking more responsibility, especially in block and now I’m mainly focused on improving my attack

What are the goals this season for your Team Tchalou?
– Make it to the top 5 so we can play other European teams next season

What are your plans for the Summer of 2022?
– Enjoy the summer with my loved ones, play beach volleyball and travel

Thank you Amalie and good luck in the Spring Season!

Here is Amalie’s Player Profile with Bring It Promotions:


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