BIP Star 💥 Kaia Rhodes 🇺🇸

Kaia Rhodes spelar i danska topplaget ASV. Hon är från USA och är vår nästa BIP Star att presentera

Who is Kaia Rhodes?
– I am 23 years old, and at this point of my life I am practicing how to be a better learner. I am trying to take every experience that I am met with and accept that I am meant to have it and in some way, it will shape me. Being an athlete is a big part of me and I am thankful for it. I am a sister, a daughter, a friend, a dog fanatic and a woman of faith

Why did you choose to play for ASV in Denmark?
– I chose to play for ASV in Denmark because of the talent I experienced over summer practices. I admired how competitive the women on the team were out of season and I valued that being straight out of college

What is your background in Volleyball?
– I started playing volleyball when I was 13. I played for my high school team and then club teams Nov.-April every year until I graduated. I then went to play volleyball in college for 5 seasons and not only did I improve my game but I also began to coach children!

You have now been in Denmark for couple of months now. What are your experience and thoughts about Denmark as country? 
– I enjoy Denmark! I am originally from Las Vegas and I love the sun, which is definitely an adjustment but I also am loving living my every day life so differently. I have experienced a different culture which is so beautiful and fascinating. I have experienced a different outlook on sports and being an athlete which has been very eye opening and I have also experienced a different pace of life which has been refreshing

And what are your thoughts about the Danish League?
– I have enjoyed playing in the Danish League so far. There is a wide scope of talent which is a bit different than playing at the collegiate level. When we scout a team, not many things are similar across scouting reports. No two teams play the same game, which is fun. It is awesome to feel like you will never face the same opponent twice. Even though we do- when we play a team the second or third time around they have changed and evolved a bit more than what I was used to

Are there any specific things that you are missing from USA?
– I do miss plenty of things from home but I think mostly what I miss is my family obviously and going out for breakfast. I miss my American breakfasts

What is the best with Denmark?
– The best thing for me in Denmark is the ability for me to have easy access to a big city without living directly in it. I live in a smaller city and commute on a train to Aarhus to play and I love getting the city life feeling without actually having to live in the city

And of course, what is the best with ASV and your new home town?
– The best thing about ASV is the experience that I am getting! I am meeting wonderful teammates/coaches while getting more experience as a volleyball player. I am playing more defense than I ever have in my entire life and I am enjoying it for the most part

What are your goals with your volleyball?
– As of right now, my goal with volleyball is to reach my full potential. As an athlete I have reached my goal of playing at the collegiate level but I didn’t feel done yet. I had more room to grow and a desire to continue growing so my goal right now is to continue that growth and reach what I hope someday will be my full potential

What are the goals for your Team this season?
– As a team we want to be our best, but our overall goal is to finish at the top of the Danish League. We have the talent and the ability to fight through struggles and we have a goal of getting to finish at the top of the Danish League

Thank you Kaia for your time and good luck this season in Denmark


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