BIP Star 💥 Sara Vindum Hansen 🇩🇰

Sara #4 to the right

Sara Vindum Hansen är vår första ”BIP Star” att intervjuas för säsongen 2022-23. Sara är en dansk volleybollspelare 🇩🇰 som just nu spelar i Belgien. Intervjun är på engelska!

Who is Sara Vindum Hansen?
– I am 24 years old and grew up in a small village in Denmark. I have always had full time studies or work beside my volleyball and now I got my first professional volleyball contract

Why did you choose to play for Michelbeke in Belgium?
– I asked around and heard that it was a good club. Ultimately, I decided after I talked to the coach here, he told me about the support the team has and about his visions for the team, which is something I could see myself in

What is your background in Volleyball?
– I started playing kids volleyball when I was about 8 years old and started regular volleyball when I was old/good enough. It’s been a bit on and off though – when I was a teenager, I started getting some knee injuries and stopped playing for a couple of years but luckily, I found my way back to the sport

– I have played in Denmark all my life, I played in Ikast KFUM Volleyball for the most part, from youth volleyball to the Danish league and my last three seasons in the Danish league I played for ASV Elite in Aarhus

How did you get in contact with your current agent?
– One of my teammates were in contact with him and he was already representing another Danish player, so I thought it would be a good fit. I got his info and here we are!

You have now been in Belgium for a couple of months. What are your experience and thoughts about Belgium as country? 
– Beautiful country and beautiful buildings especially in the bigger cities. The people here are SO friendly and have been very welcoming. In many ways the culture is very similar to the Danish so it’s been easy to feel at home here

And what are your thoughts about the Belgium Volleyball?
– I love how much support each club seems to have and the whole culture around the sport. We haven’t played many games yet, but the level seems high, and we are sure to have some difficult games during the season

Are there any specific things that you are missing from Denmark yet?
– Of course the things I miss the most are my boyfriend, family and friends back home. But if I have to choose a thing then from my first day here, I have missed the Danish rye bread (rugbrød) I ate it almost every day back in Denmark. And then I’m having a hard time finding fresh milk..?

What is the best with Belgium?
– Oh there’s so much to choose from! I’ve already mentioned how friendly the people are so since I love desserts, I’ll have to mention the waffles as well – delicious!

And of course, what is the best with your club and city?
-Michelbeke is a small town, but the support is amazing. We went to our team presentation at the prime minister’s house and 200 people attended, the event was great. The people around the team are doing an amazing job and the girls on the team have all been sweet and welcoming. We live in a town close to Michelbeke which is a little bigger where there are some nice cafés and shops and a small kind of farmers market every Wednesday.

What are your goals with your volleyball?
– I want to see how far and where it can take me. I’m just in the beginning of my professional career and I still have a lot to learn and improve. I will continue this journey and see where it takes me, I have ambitions and hopefully my hard work will pay off

What are the goals this season for your Team?
-Michelbeke unfortunately came down to Nationale 1 from the Belgian league last season, so a clear goal is to qualify for the league again next season. We are playing in the Belgian cup as well and we want to get as far as possible and be able to play against the best teams in Belgium.

Thank you Sara, and good luck with your first season as professional volleyball player!

Here is Sara’s Player Profile with Bring It Promotions:


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